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  • Is Thewa Jewellery sold by weight?
    No, Thewa Jewellery is typically not sold by weight like precious metals such as gold or silver. Its value is determined by the craftsmanship, intricacy of design, and the quality of materials used.
  • Is Thewa Jewellery expensive?
    Yes, Thewa Jewellery can be quite expensive due to the labor-intensive process and the use of gold. The cost varies based on the design, craftsmanship, and intricacy of the piece.
  • What is the history of Thewa Art?
    Thewa art originated in the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan, India, 400 yrs ago. It was initially used to create royal jewelry and artifacts. Over time, it gained popularity as a traditional art form.
  • What materials are used in Thewa Jewellery?
    Thewa Jewellery primarily involves 23-karat gold leaf, colored glass, and stones. Artists may also use other materials for finishing and detailing.
  • Is Thewa, immitation jewellery?
    No, original Thewa Jewellery is not imitation jewellery. While it may mimic the look of expensive gold jewellery, it is a unique and genuine art form with its own cultural significance
  • Is Thewa Jewellery suitable for everyday wear?
    Thewa Jewelleryis often considered more suitable for special occasions and events due to its intricate design and delicate nature. It's recommended to handle it with care to maintain its beauty.
  • What is Thewa Art?
    Thewa is a traditional Indian art form that involves creating intricate designs by embedding gold leaf onto glass. This technique results in stunning jewelry pieces and decorative items.
  • Can I get custom Thewa designs made?
    Yes, at Reet Lifestyle we offer custom Thewa designs. However, keep in mind that creating custom Thewa pieces can be time-consuming and may require communication with the artisan to bring your vision to life.
  • Is Thewa only used for Jewellery?
    While Thewa is commonly associated with jewellery, it can also be used to create decorative items such as small treasure boxes, mirrors, frames, and small art pieces.
  • How is Thewa Jewellery made?
    Thewa Jewellery is made by fusing a sheet of 23-karat gold onto colored glass using a special process. Skilled artisans then handcraft intricate designs on the gold foil, creating a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery.
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